RSS Feed.

You can monitor updates & additions by using a News Feeder reader (I suggest the freeware FeedReader, or fee paying NewzCrawler). Or, many web sites offer subscription services to RSS feeds, usually free. MyYahoo, MyMSN, or Google's Home page are a few. Technocrati is by far the largest. These programs (and there are many others) will tell you when there are new updates on (and thousands of others you can freely subscribe to). Download the reader and install it on your PC.

NOTE: If you're using a program (ie, not a website), you can set the frequency that the program checks to see if there are updates. Do NOT set the value less than 60 minutes. Most webmasters will ban your IP address, and you'll no longer be able to access the site, even with a browser.


If you are using NewzCrawler it will detect the RSS feed automatically and propose it to you. If not,:

1. Highlight with your mouse the url below and copy it in to memory: (for Motorbiker Movies updates) (for Bikes in the Fast Lane news)

2. Go to your News Feed Reader and click on "New Feed".
3. Paste the url you have copied above.
4. Once you receive the updates, you will see a list of additions & updates to the movie and celeb lists.
5. Click once and the logo and description appear below.
6. Double Click and the actual added or updated page appears.

Send me an email with your comments. I'd like to know if this is useful.